Born into a family of classical musicians, Leonard has played various instruments since childhood. In 2001, he moved to Paris and became a sideman for various artists (rock, folk, electro, jazz). During those years, he learned sound techniques and in 2003, he produced his first album.
In 2007, he opened his own recording studio in Paris : Le Poisson Barbu (the Bearded Fish) and since 2017, he works between Paris and Nantes, where he lives now. Leonard produced or co-produced many LPs / EPs and worked as a sound engineer (rec / mix) for artists such as Wax Tailor, Charlie Winston, Mark Lanegan, Keziah Jones, Tricky or Jil is Lucky.


Music Production
Guitars, Bass guitar, Keyboards, Choirs, Voice-over

Hardware / Gear

Studio : Focal, Neve, SSL, Mytek, Universal Audio, Chandler, RME, Neumann, AEA, Coles, Beyerdynamic, Audix, Sennheiser, Shure
Guitars : Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Takamine, Musicman, Orange, Vox, Peavey
Keyboards : Yamaha, Clavia, Studiologic, Computer !


Cubase & Pro Tools
Plugins : UAD, Soundtoys, Slate, Waves, ...
Soundbanks : Vienna Symphonic Library, East West, Toontrack, ...

leonard mule

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